• The AlertMaster System works by identifying fatigue drivers as well as other common distractions that drivers face.
    With the pupil identification technology AlertMaster analyses driver behavior and notifies fleet controllers, for quick intervention.

    AlertMaster Brochure


Fatigue or substance induced impairment

Distraction and attention diversion

Driver out of camera view


The AlertMaster system is designed and developed to identify fatigued and distracted driving. It runs on a pupil identification technology that focuses on the the driver’s behavior. The system can understand the state of the driver and alert fleet managers in real time for quick intervention. The system responds to fatigue and distraction events though the in cab alarm as well as the vibrating seat that is used to correct the driver’s posture. AlertMaster system works well in different light and different weather conditions with excellent detection ability of even a driver wearing glasses/sunglasses. It is easy to install and easy to use with a user friendly interfaced login. All information are recorded and stored so that incidents and events are always monitored and that footage is always at hand.


As part of the continuous growth and development of our tecgnological solutions, MasterSystems Technologies Limited is now introducing the Driver Fatigue Management System known as the AlertMaster System. This solution is an added feature to the already existing FleetMaster System and takes safe driving to another dimension.

The AlertMaster System works by identifying fatigue and other common types of distractions that are faced by drivers. Distractions such as, drinking or eating behind the wheel, answering mobile phones, drivers posture and or not paying attention to the road. This system is able to identify these distractions before they happen and alert the drivers as well as fleet managers of these signs.

The AlertMaster’s aim is to ensure that drivers are aware that they are fatigued and should stop to take a break. Integrated into our IVMS system we are able to set up alerts so that detection can be monitored live from the control room. The system can be used on any type of vehicle and is integrated into our current Vehicle Tracking System (FleetMaster) making installation quick and easy.

  • Improve Driver Safety

  • Decrease accidents and incidents

  • Control and managem fatigue driving

  • Save lives

  • Provides early warning for
    driver fatigue and distraction.
  • Distinguishes real and fake sleep
  • Excellent detection ability with
    glasses and sunglasses
  • Non-contact detection
  • Compatible with all vehicles
  • Easy to install and use
  • Works well in all weather and
    light conditions
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Integrated with MST’s fleet
    management system


Safety is paramount and serves an integral role in all company policies and procedures. The fatigue management system promotes safety with benefits such as;

  • Improved Driver Safety
  • Cost savings from accidents and incidents
  • Optimization of fatigue management
  • Effective diagnosis of fatigue and distrations
  • Minimize motor vehicle accident

MasterSystems Compatibility

The AlertMaster System is compatible with our in cab video recording camera and fleet monitoring system allowing all events to be recorded and uploaded online for viewing.

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