ST 500 Training with Brett Meyer

Brett Meyer running technicians through some ST500 diagnostics

One of the main focus for MasterSystem Technologies is training and development for all our staff in their individual fields/departments. We believe that a well trained employee will not only benefit the company but furthermore grow professionals in the PNG workforce.

One of the many ways that we fulfill this is by having frequent visits from professionals who come to Papua New Guinea and give first hand training to our management and staff. We recently had Brett Meyer from South Africa, who is an embedded systems engineer specialising in our fuel management system. Brett spent a few days at our Port Moresby branch to conduct training for the staff on the hardware as well as the software behind the system.

Below is a snippet of his visit.

Brett will be spending time at all branches as well as the mine sites to conduct training and to ensure all systems are operational and functioning at the highest possible standard.

Brett Meyer showing the MST staff how to diagnose faults on the fuel system.

MST staff watching as Brett runs a few diagnostic tests.