2019 PNG Industrial & Mining Resources Exhibition

MasterSystem Technologies sponsored the 2019 PNG Industrial & Mining Resources Exhibition that was held at the Sir John Guise Indoor Complex on the 12th and 13th of June. The event was a success drawing in attention from business houses and investors in the Asia Pacific region.

Businesses in and around the Asia Pacific Region got together in a two day event to showcase some of most innovative technologies and developments that is currently offered in the Mining, Petroleum and the Oil & Gas sectors.

Master System Technologies came out on top winning the best stand/product in action award with an outstanding, visually interactive display, of our fleet management solution, fuel management solution, asset management solution, surveillance and CCTV system and oil management solution.

Harold Richardson (Managing Director) closed the exhibition at the Gala awards dinner with a speech on the trying conditions of the PNG economy and the potential that lies ahead for the country and for the corporate sector as a whole.

MasterSystem Technologies Fleet Management Simulator was put together for the exhibition cover all aspects of the Fleet Management System. The Simulator identified;

  • In Vehicle Monitoring System
    • Driver Identification
    • In cab and road view video recording
    • Start Isolation for added security
  • Fatigue Management System
  • In Vehicle Fuel Management
  • Live Streaming of Events
  • Live Tracking and Monitoring of Fleet and Fuel

MasterSystem Technologies put together a fuel management display that covered;

  • Fuel Transferring
  • Fuel Refills
  • Fuel Syphoning
  • Live fuel viewing
  • Fuel reporting and monitoring

MasterSystem Technologies offers container locking devices and container trackers that offer security and accountability over important cargoes. The container lock is tamper proofed, and recognises any tamper and unauthorised opening of the container, it then sends an alert to report management for quick intervention.