Oil Samples

Dirty oil being cleaned using the 6 pot mobile unit.

We recently visited our supplier’s laboratory in Australia, Pure Oil Maintenance Services, who specialise in oil filtration, cleaning and recycling of oils in Australia. The visit was aimed at understanding the laboratory process for testing oils in order to examine the feasibility of establishing similar facilities in the MasterSystem Technologies workshop in Papua New Guinea.

The setup and full implementation of this is being closely examined and the team at MasterSystems are excited about our future ability to be able to offer this to our clients at a fully functioning level. The target for the Pure Oil system is to ensure that machinery and equipment are always using clean oil thus prolonging the life of the equipment thus enabling it to function at enhanced optimal levels.

External filtration (often called “Kidney Filtration”) systems are installed on machinery and equipment – in conjunction with the factory fitted filtration systems – to clean and trap all particles and elements, big and small, water and soot. Samples are taken from the filters and analysed with a microscopic camera to assess what particles have been present in the oil so that we understand the state of the oil. The presence of metallic particles is of particular interest.

The main focus for the OilMaster system is to maintain and prolong the life of the oil and to clean and recycle engine, hydraulic and gear oil so that it can be reutilised. It can significantly reduce the “Carbon Footprint” for high volume hydrocarbon users creating a “Greener” image which is politically and practically attractive in the current environmental climate.

Oil Analysing

Oil Analysing through microscopic cameras

The 6 pot Mobile unit is a portable oil filtration unit that can be used on machines and equipment in hard to reach areas. Recycled oil are put through several tests to ensure that the oil is of high quality. The tests ensure that the oil that we process comes out cleaner than what is bought on the shelves.