• MasterSystem Technologies offers an oil cleaning and rejuvenation solution that is focused on the recycling and re-use of Crank, Hydraulic and Transmission oils. The focus is on the environment with the emphasis on minimising improper disposal and spillage of oil.

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As our catch phrase states;

“No system has ever failed… because the oil was too clean!”

and we make that our mission and stand by it.
Oil Recycling and Rejuvenating
Oil Sampling and Analysis
Remote oil level viewing
Supply of new Oil
External Filtration System
Spill Kits and Bundings
Microscopic Camera Analysis
Contaminant testing

External Filtration System

External Filtration system used on machines to trap contaminants targeting particles of 5 microns and over. Which are particles that cause the most damage to machine elements.

Contaminant Analysis

Microscopic Cameras are used to examine contaminants in oil such as, metal debris, general contamination, heavy contamination, water ingress and other contaminants.

Bundings and Spill kits

  • Oil Absorbent Pads
  • Oil Sorb Granules
  • Absorbent Socks
  • Absorbent Pillows
  • Waste Bags
  • Free Standing Bund
  • Collapsible Bund
  • Customised sizing
  • Light Weight
  • Chemically resistant

Oil Cleaning and Testing

Samples are collected and analysed for contaminants and then processed and recycled for reuse.


  • Reduction in oil usage

    Significant reduction in oil usage

  • Mechanical Downtime

    50% reduction in maintenance & mechanical downtime hours

  • Equipment Fault Reduction

    90% reduction in incidence of specific failures

  • Prolonged equipment life

    850% increase in equipment life

  • Reduction in Hydrocarbon Footprint

    Reduce oil waste and hydrocarbon footprint


Our products include hydraulic oil, lubricating oils, bypass purifiers (motorised or under pressure), mobile and portable purifiers,
spill absorbing materials, tanks and bunding. We also provide many on-site services including collecting oil analysis samples, oil
purification, tank inspections, tank cleaning, extracting water from oil and waste oil removal.


We process and clean used Engine, Gear and Hydraulic Oils utilizing specialised filtration equipment removing water, carbon and particulates down to 0.1 micron in size.

We can process your oil for you EITHER onsite at your location if volumes justify or at our Lae warehouse for:

  • Re-utilization by yourself and reintroduction into your plant and equipment for re-use,
  • Blending into diesel or bio fuel as a combustible fuel additive,
  • Re-utilization by others for the above purposes,
  • Conversion to other uses.
  • Reconstitution of the additive pack where it is failing.

All reprocessed oil is tested to confirm suitability and conformance with standards by reputable Australian testing laboratories.


A process of filtration, removal of water, contamination, and oil analysis is recommended to ensure that oil is kept in top condition.
Use the following tips for managing your oil improvement program:
  • >Filtration should target particle sizes 5 microns and over (it is particles in the five to ten micron range that cause the most damage to machine elements)

>In some cases particularly hydraulic systems incorporating spool valves etc. protection at 1-3 micron size is advisable

  • >Removal of water contamination in oil is vital in ensuring top oil condition
  • >Support your filtration program with regular oil analysis to prove its effectiveness
  • >At least 50% of your reservoir capacity should be processed per hour for both particulate and water contamination removal
  • >Analyse and upgrade contamination and exclusion and removal components such as seals, tank vents and caps and filtration
  • >Evaluate your filtration systems for their ability to handle high contamination ingress (in the case of seal failure, filter failure, etc.)
Clean oil both indicates and ensures healthy equipment. Oil lubricates, cools, prevents corrosion in and removes impurities from mechanical systems. Attention to oil condition can result in a high standard of equipment performance and deliver returns in terms of lower operating costs and improved equipment reliability.


Efforts to control oil cleanliness within these limits can result in enormous benefits. Case studies from other industries have shown:

✓Significant reduction in oil usage **
✓50% reduction in mechanical downtime hours;
✓90% reduction in incidence of specific failures;
✓850% increase in equipment life.

** (Note: with bypass purification our new group II oil is warranted for 5 yrs.)


This is what we do.
We take on the worry so you don’t have to, and make sure that all the oil products in your expensive equipment maintain the highest standards – ISO 13/11 NAS 5 – indefinitely.

“No system has ever failed… because the oil was too clean!”

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