CCTV & Surveillance
Access Control System
Fire Alarms
Discreet Panic Buttons
Tamper, Tripwire & Motion Alerts
Pan, Tilt & Zoom
Infrared & Night Vision

Some of the services offered under TechMaster are;

* Fleet Electronics
* Fire Alarms
* GPRS Security Alarms
* Remote Site CCTV
* Driver Training
* Auto Electrical Services

Maintenance Management

– Manage service intervals based on GPS notifications of hours or kilometres , thereby reducing the risk of vehicle and plant failure.
– Monitor and manage tyre usage based on cost per kilometre , minimising theft and increasing life of tyres ( requires cost inputs, correct inflation and matching of tyres).
– Monitor maintenance costs allocated to engine, transmission, chassis and other related costs to avoid repetitive and unnecessary repairs ( requires cost inputs ).
– Monitor workshop efficiency based on operating hours per workshop hour and set KPI’s based on this to improve efficiency.
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