• 24/7 Self or Remote tracking of vehicles, plant, personnel, assets, stock in transit, containers and trailers.

GPS & GSM Personal Trackers
Asset Trackers for Containers and Trailers
Container Locks with Tamper Alerts
Online Interface/Dashboard
Temperature Monitoring Device


Personal Trackers

Personal, and portable trackers that can be used for personal, professional or recreational purposes. Durable and easy to carry allowing for discrete activation of the duress button and quick intervention.

Asset Trackers

Container and trailer trackers that help fleet managers track and monitor cargoes and their assets. It is important that valuable cargoes are always monitored and until now you can see where your cargoes are from the comfort of your office.

Container Locks

Designed as a container security device to be used to lock containers and to track and monitor movement of cargoes. It is an autonomous, plug and play monitoring unit that is secured with any standard security seal and provides alerts of Activation, Tampering, Opening and Removal.

Temperature Monitoring

Remote Temperature Monitoring Device enabling real-time location and temperature tracking of valuable perishable goods inside reefers and ordinary fridges. Users have 24/7 visibility of their goods and the temperature of their units. The device will send an alert if there are changes in the temperature and if the temperature reaches critical levels.

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