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WE ARE A SOLUTIONS PROVIDER! We manage integrated fuel, fleet, and asset control solutions for the petroleum, transport, and mining industries – nationally and internationally.


A comprehensive Fleet Management Solution that provides 24/7 tracking, monitoring, and reporting on all vehicle and driver performance.


Our onboard and static fuel management system. This is a continuous tracking of fuel movement, monitoring of remote fuel storage, analysis of fuel burn rates, and the tracking of dispensed fuel and consumption reporting.


Is the solution we offer to clean and rejuvenate crank, hydraulic and transmission oils for reuse, either on site or at our plant. We also supply new oils.


Our surveillance solution-based system whereby residential or commercial CCTV installation and monitoring services are provided for alongside our comprehensive IT support services.


Our specialist technicians handle fueling equipment, supply, and install fuel tanks and fuel farms, as well as conduct diesel fuel polishing and treatment services, which includes contaminated fuel cleaning practices.


Our 24/7 remote or self-operated tracking of vehicles, plant, personnel, assets, stock in transit, containers, and trailers. This is done through a variety of tracking devices, suitable for specified needs, and is user-friendly enough to use for private entities.


MasterSystem Technologies Ltd

5 months 1 week ago

[CHRISTMAS GREETINGS] Joyous Christmas greetings to all of our loyal customers, staff, and followers. With all of the trying hurdles faced by the last few months, the MST team has

MasterSystem Technologies Ltd

5 months 1 week ago

[CHRISTMAS PARTY SNEAK PEAK] This past weekend MST celebrated the silly season with a lovely staff party at our offices in Lae. We share much gratitude with our hardworking Christmas

MasterSystem Technologies Ltd

5 months 3 weeks ago

[NEW INSTALLS] Check out our very own Daplen Pitia on the job in the Southern Highlands, installing our In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems with the Irridium Satellite system for @Halliburton PNG. If

MasterSystem Technologies Ltd

6 months 5 hours ago

[KUBOTA TRACTORS] Currently, MasterSystems and Brian Bell are assembling a fleet of Kubota Tractors for harvesting oil palm in New Britain, which will be shipped from Lae this week. Thanks

MasterSystem Technologies Ltd

6 months 1 week ago

Come on down to Eriku Oval and support the teams playing in todays tournament. Starting at 10:30 today, it should be a great outing for the whole family. Our Master



The integration of our established fuel and fleet systems provide a holistic, solutions-based platform in which we can control, track, and monitor a wide range of our clients operations.

MasterSystem Technologies prides itself in maintaining quality surveillance and fleet management services, including refuelling and lubricant technology services. The evolution of new technologies are established within our business and provided to our clientele through our ethos of hard work and dedication as our core values remain unchanged.

MasterSystem Technologies is founded through a technological platform (FM-Mix Telematics), which has been developed, tried, and tested in extreme conditions.


The FM technology we utilise has a reputable stronghold on the international market. The long-established platform is dominant in Australia, Asia, and Africa. Our focus is on expanding its operations locally to cater to the demand of exponential growth within the local fleet and transport industry.

With the steady growth of our Port Moresby branch, we are able to compete with other organisations that have been dominant in the region. This is an exciting opportunity for us to thrive in as we already manage over 350 connections within the region and are becoming more competitive by the day.


Our priority is to bring tried and tested technological systems into the local market, with the emphasis on local support. This is in terms of full system backup, including the development of community skills for sustained support.

Our head office is located in Lae, and our team is staffed with well over 100 people – the majority of which being Papua New Guineans. Our employees range throughout various disciplines, from Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Administration, Technical staff, Training, Customer Liasion Officers, and Fleet Controllers.


MST not only service fleet, fuel, and technology solutions, but we provide support to some of the top Blue-Chip companies in the transport, retail, and commercial sectors, managing an overall fleet of 3000 vehicles being tracked and traced – which is a forever increasing amount.


Phone: +675 472 7022 / 472 4485
Hotline: +675 718 94526 / 705 24028

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