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Fuel Master

MasterSystem Technologies have founded and utilised a comprehensive fuel management system that accounts for all parameters of fuel usage and consumption.

MasterSystem Technologies have founded and utilised a comprehensive fuel management system that accounts for all parameters of fuel usage and consumption. This covers the fundamentals of fuel delivery and burn rate and is specified to each vehicle or plant. MST provides the necessary tools used to manage and bridge the gap between fuel suppliers and consumers. This system is designed to prioritise the varying operational needs of each of our clients through flexibility and scalability, ensuring that we provide a solution-based service to all.

Fuel Master offers the following:

Automatic Tank Gauging

Our automated systems measure levels of volume, water, temperature, and mm readings in real-time through the MST interface. This is ideal for retail service stations, as well as commercial bilk fuel consumers.

Automatic Tank Gauging systems limit the interaction of human error and intervention, preventing irregular readings. We combine the use of Automatic Tank Gauging with the technology of our ST500 dispensing controllers to complete site reconciliations as a fundamental to producing a comprehensive reporting structure.

Fuel Consumption Analysis

MST have also expanded into providing clients with a detailed viewing of their fuel consumption. Clients are able to monitor onboard fuel consumption equipment and onboard fuel tanks through the use of independent fuel probes inserted in the HDV or equipment fuel tanks. This is also utilised with generator productivity, and consumption is monitored separately and effectively. The combination of our fleet management technology alongside fuel consumption analysis enables the efficacy and accuracy of geolocating each vehicle, or equipment used at the time of consumption, as well as the necessary driver details.

In-Vehicle Fuel Monitoring

In Vehicle Fuel Monitoring is achieved through the use of fuel probes and sensors installed on the interior of each vehicles fuel tank. These probes are then calibrated, coordinated, and linked through a summated balance. They then feed fuel data related information to the MST tracking unit / OBC. The information is then uploaded in real-time to our interface for analysis. MST offers a 24/7 control room that monitors and reports on the fuel usage, consumption, and discrepancies of the issued fuel that is received and / or transferred.

Online Interface

MST allows for smaller entities to utilise our interface manually when capturing transactional data, this  includes fuel deliveries and the opening and closing dip levels. The interface will then produce specific reports relating to the data captured without having hardware, or capital outlay, upfront. A firm operational input is required for the desired reporting output. 

ST 500 Controller

The ST500 pump automates the recording of transactional data by authorising specified vehicle and driver access. This includes fuel attendants, and approved operators in the dispensing of fuel. The ST500 pump controllers then post the established and recorded data online for an accurate reading that develops into the necessary reports. 

Fuel Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring is conducted within our MST specified control rooms which are operated 24/7. This includes fuel transactions and live tank fuel viewings. Syphoning is detected, as well as refuelling events and bulk transfers. Monitoring and reporting is formulated through the data captured, this assess reconciliation matching levels. Fuel leakage and the inclusion of water in the fuel tanks can also be diagnosed. Reporting is also fundamental to the fuel demand planning of operations and is carried on multiple tanks.  

This incorporates the
following reporting on:

  • Site Reconciliations
  • Multiple Site Reconciliations
  • Current Tank Levels
  • Historical Levels
  • Vehicle Summary
  • Vehicle Efficiencies
  • All Sites Refuelling Combined – For Total Efficiencies
  • (Client can instantly activate or deactivate, load new driver access, or vehicle access online as necessary)
  • Clients receive an unlimited amount of website user access, with or without the necessary restrictions.
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